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ESI Analyst

Website design for leading US legal software company

Seattle, Washington, United States

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Dr Foot Fix

Web design for popular US natural foot soak treatment

Houston, Texas, United States

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Seed Round Capital LLC

Web Design & Branding for Startup Funding Company

Houston, Texas, United States

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ESI Analyst

ESI Analyst is an American tech company headquartered in Seattle that provides very specialist software and services to the legal industry. Cases nowadays are heavily dependant on electronically stored information (ESI). The ability to effectively consolidate and analyse data from phones, computers, apps and so on makes or breaks a case.

ESI Analyst wanted a brand new website designed with the purpose of increasing partner signups as well as increasing requests for demonstrations of their legal software and extending brand awareness across the United States. ESI Analyst was recommended to us by another long-standing US web design client and mutual business contact of ours. We designed and developed a new website and migrated content from their old website and trained their team on managing the new site.

Dr Foot Fix

Seed Round Capital LLC

1334 Brittmoore Rd, Houston TX 77043

Seed Round Capital came to us when they started up because we have worked with one of the two founders on a number of websites over the years. We developed their branding first and then designed and developed a full website to promote their expertise in working with start up to generate seed funding. Based in Houston, Texas (the United States), Seed Round Capital were looking for a professional website to attract start-ups with high potential to succeed and also high worth investors to support these start ups.

We delivered some brand options and once they were happy with one of them we designed and built a website around a very carefully planned series of web page wireframes provided. The website wireframes were designed to maximise on-page conversions and we were able to work with them to produce a highly effective marketing tool for Seed Round Capital.

We continue to work with SRC supporting them with website updates, SEO support, brand design and so on.

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