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Austin Hill
- Owner
I've had websites in some capacity since 2010 - I've built a few myself and I've had other designers build the rest. Adam at Webny Digital was very prompt, communicated effectively, and was typically waiting on me - what really separated Webny from other agencies was...
  1. Really good copy on the site without a ton of input. He really went the extra mile looking through existing product reviews and our previous site to create new, very well written content.
  2. The website layout/videos/photos are outstanding- and again, very little input from me. My normal experience with site development is "hey send me a site you like" then they create an identical site using graphics that I provided. I had a 30 minute call with Adam and then he went to work.
  3. The website is a piece of art. To elaborate, I had the same "I could never do this myself" feeling that one would get walking through an art museum. Said another way, even if I could write HTML 2x as good as Adam, the site would never look as good as it does because I, and most of you reading this, lack the artistic gift/vision to put something together.
Webny are now my go-to web agency and I'll continue to them as well as refer any fellow entrepreneurs their way!

Houston, Texas, United States

A very highly reviewed foot relief treatment you can do yourself at home

We designed and developed a brand new website to show off this brand and the product while highlighting how much people love it

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